it's really hot...

there's no sense in even trying to describe it. It's a fucker. At least most of the Manor is air conditioned. I was outside last night around ten thirty or so and it must have still been in the lower nineties. The gardens are sucking up water like crazy, but everything seems to be hanging on. There are even a few moon flower buds ready to open, maybe tonight. Got love night blooming flowers, eh? I think I'm starting to ramble here. I really have nothing of note to say, just felt like spouting, I guess.
right now, I'm listening to a great old album, Sandy Denny and the Strawbs. Her voice puts me quite right for some reason. I think it's one of those old "place and time" things, now that I think about it. First time I saw her perform was with Fairport Convention and I was with someone very special and it was a good time. Actually, it was a great time. Memories are wonderful things, aren't they.
so, I've bored you enough, me thinks. Time to wander into the larder and scare up something to eat and then on with reading The Golden Bough.
Stay cool, fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.

wander with me...


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