it was a dark and stormy night...

or evening, as the case may be...
Labor Day came and went. I had the Friday before off, I was intending to do the bathroom roof, but the impending annoyance of Ernesto put that off. So, I spent the day sitting in the breakfast nook, cum reading room, and read the better half of volume one of Sandberg's six volume set of Abraham Lincoln. Not a bad read, I expected it to be just what it is; historical facts steeped in Sandberg's usual poetic prose. Entertaining to the point of being a page turner of sorts. I spent Saturday under the boredom of Ernesto's torrential downpours and fretting over whether our little brook would behave itself, or spill over it's banks and worry the yard with it's excess. It handled the onslaught admirably. The grounds came through mostly unscathed, excepting the loss of a huge section of one of the ancient maples in the back yard. I spend Sunday morning tuning up the chainsaw, then went to a little family gathering at my brother in law's house. Always a good time. They are wonderful folks, my wife's family. Not being of a close family myself, they certainly fill the bill, and then some.
Labor Day was spent laboring; chain-sawing, hauling stuff to the ever burgeoning brush pile at the end of the back forty, raking, hauling some more. I even took the time to trim the monster euonymous that has grown to Godzilla like proportions right next to where the future woodworking shop will be. Most of the tree fell where the shop will one day stand, so better now then , huh?
Other than that, the so-called official end of summer ended with a whimper, not a bang.
I'm looking forward to the fall. It's my time of year. Some folks look at it as an end, I see it as a beginning. It's always been the time of year when I grow. I yearn to see where chance takes me this autumn. The other three seasons of the year I seem to have some control over, as far as my life is concerned, but autumn is in charge of my fate in it's days, which is fine with me. Good things always seem to happen in the autumn. Good things. I need good things. Things I don't want, but things I need. If you're an autumn child, you know what I mean.
Well, my friends, I need to go make myself another Stoley martini. That first one really hit the spot. You know what they say about martini's, don't you? "One is not enough; two is too many; three is not enough". I intend to test that old saw tonight.
Be well, my fellow wanderers. Know that I think of each and every one of you every day. You are all special to me.
Fare thee well.

wander with me...


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