"Dr. Strangehair..."

or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the fact that every available conventional and nuclear weapon in the Pacific Fleet is aimed at my kim-chee farting ass..."

not to mention the fact that, if there is an inkling that he is going to do something stupid, like start hurling missiles around South East Asia, or gets caught giving away nukes to Iran or Al Queda, there's going to more than a 4.5 burp on the worlds seismographs as the PRNK is turned into glass... This guy is a dangerous lunatic who needs to be taken out in a most vicious manner in a most public place, so when the dust settles, his generals and like minded politicos won't play the same stupid game. It's time to take off the kid gloves and send in the SEALS, with a good helping of Australians on the side to kick some North Korean ass and get on with cleaning out the Middle East. He's got to go...

wander with me...


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