I took today off from work to do some scary electrical things in the Manor, as I had to shut off the mains so I didn't electrocute myself in the process, and everyone else was out at work. It actually only took a few minutes, much to my surprise. When I threw the main back on, I was expecting something like the last scene in Frankenstein; sparks, lightning bolts and fire engulfed manor falling in on itself, but, so far, all is well. I put up the last piece of sheet rock in the bathroom ceiling and started taping and spackling. I'm always enthused about getting to that point, but once I start, I remember how much I hate doing it. It's the one task that I never really mastered to my liking and it takes forever to get it just right. I go very, very slowly and methodically with it. I don't like bumpy joints... unless they're the kind you roll yourself and... oh, never mind, you know what I mean.
After I cleaned the blobs of spackle from the bathroom floor and out of my hair and off my general person, I mowed a goodly portion of the grounds, then went autumn leaf hunting for Antisocialite - I promised her a box of New Jersey Autumn leaves. Of course this year they seem to be withering on the stem before they reach peak color, but so far I have quite a nice collection going that I'm hoping I can add to tomorrow, as we're expecting the first frost of the season tonight and they're sure to turn like crazy after that.
Well, I have to clean up the mower and put the yard tools away. I'll probably post a new Song of the Week later, so stop back in.
Frost on the pumpkins tonight, friends! Perfect weather for late night wandering!

wander with me...


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