the devil's at the door...

and those of you who have, for what ever, unfathomable reason, voted to put the Democratic Party in power, have not only unlocked the door, but have welcomed him in and hell with him. What follows is based upon fact, not opinion. It is gleaned from many sources, most of them available to you online, I've provided links to each source so you can read in full what I can only touch upon. I make no claims that anything that follows is original, any of my opinions will be openly admitted, but they are few. I do invite you to respond. As a matter of fact, I demand that you respond. I need, personally, to understand why the United States of America has been put in this position by your hand. I do not say by your choice, because I firmly believe that the majority of voters who made up the majority decision were voting not with the future in mind, nor with a grasp of the world situation as a basis for making a choice, but were swayed by the rhetoric of deceit and hate for the current administration, spread by those who are masters of persuasion. The left has spewed a cacophony of lies and hate and distrust, offered nothing concrete or believable as a solution to the precarious position we find ourselves, as a nation and a culture, facing at the hands of radical, death dealing fascists, who have openly and unabashedly declared that you, and I, shall die at their hands, regardless of political leanings.

"We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."
-- Hussein Massawi, Hezbollah leader

There is no olive branch to be offered to them. No conciliation, no compromise; their whole intent is to destroy you, your family, your way of life, your culture, your beliefs. They will accept no pandering, they will not tolerate being accepted as another power in the world, their aim is to be the power in the world. That and nothing less.

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
--Omar Ahmad,
Co-founder of CAIR

Take a break, get a cup of coffee and read those two statements again...

And now, class...
a lesson in geography:
Take a look at this map -

That yellow area above Georgia and Azerbaijan is Russia. (yeah, I know, my eyes are as bad as your's... if you click the map, it gets bigger...) If you stayed awake in school during geography, the name Russia will probably conjure up images of snow, cold, frozen tundra and, until recently, a Communist society. Well, Communism, for the most part, has fallen to the wayside, but, physically, cold, icy Russia does not possess something a country with that reputation needs; access to a year round warm water port. The only thing standing between Mother Russia and that long sought after port are the Republic of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Russia, as you may know, has firmly stood fast against any UN sanctions against Iran, and with good measure; they do not want to rile their warm water neighbor. While this may seem trite, it is something that, in spite of current world climate, Russia needs to continue their economic growth; they don't care who they trade with and they need to be able to import and export at the least expense. Iran offers easy access to both the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. The Asian market is huge and growing logarithmically on a yearly basis. The west and China are the biggest suppliers to those areas, Russia can't afford to transport the goods to keep them economically competitive in that market. Funneling goods through Iran will make them competitive, bringing in the necessary funds for continued growth. The Russian economy is not doing well these days, it's rife with corruption, a thriving black market and the lingering distrust of their past political standing. Their economy does, however, support a military build up of unprecedented post-Communist proportions - I site this recent BBC News article:
"Fox Warns over Russian Military"

The enhancement of a Russian military presence in the Middle East and their internal growth of ground forces and equipment can only point to an eventual strike on the Republic of Georgia and, possibly, Azerbaijan. If that occurs, Iran will most certainly advance from the south and there will be no interfering boundaries between Russia and Iran, opening the way for oil pipelines from Iran into Russia and free movement of goods, both commercial and military, into Iran, which can be freely exported throughout the Middle East and South Asia markets. The other scenario does not bode well for Israel - a build up of Russian Naval forces in Syria will be a handy reserve to keep Israel at bay, should Russia press south toward Iran's northward attack on Georgia and Azerbaijan. You can draw your own conclusions.

As long as we're on the subject of Iran, I'm wondering if you took notice of this:
"Enriched Nuclear Waste Found in Iran"

Obviously the current "worries" over the growth of the Iranian nuclear program are a little late in coming. Iran has been importing nuclear materials for military programs for a long, long time, probably from their friendly neighbors to the North, Russia, and from the tinpot dictator in North Korea. Anyone who believes that hasn't been happening is a fool, and a blind one, at that. While the nuclear push is a relatively new development for Iran, their military build up is not -

"Fox News article, March 2005, on Iranian Military development".

While Ahmadinejad would have you believe that this is done in the name of defense, the majority of weapons technologies are offensive. Please take the time to read this:
"Iranian War Games"

Clearly they are gearing up for a future military operation, definitely against Israel, possibly against Saudi Arabia. In the mean time, their eye is on the big prize, Iraq. The Islamic fascists weren't dancing in the streets on November 8th because they were happy to see democracy and freedom at work in American, they were celebrating the election of the Democratic Majority in Congress and the seemingly overnight emasculation of the Bush Administration and, in their eyes, the capitulation of the West. I'm not going to go into the agenda of the current Democratic regime, other than to say that the push of the radical Left into the forefront has already begun (Pelosi's endorsement of Murtha being the most evident move) and the moderate Democrats balls are already on the table, waiting for the knife. The rally cry of the day is to pull out of Iraq, regardless of the opinion of those in the know, leaving it high and dry to occupation by the Iranian backed al Qaeda and the Syrian backed Hezbollah. This, coupled with the unfathomable considerations of "talks with Iran about Iraq", spell the end. Either the White House has, indeed, performed a ritualistic castration of itself, or there is some deep, mysterious agenda behind that madness... I hope for the latter, but I fear it is the former. Either way, Syria and Iran will get what they want. Despite anything that passes in the guise of meaningful discussions, Syria and Iran will get what they want, a big piece of the Iraqi pie.
It is pretty obvious that Iran is funding Muqtada Al-Sadr's growing insurgent forces in Iraq. Read this.

Well, my fellow wanderers, the hour grows late and I have much more to share with you. I will continue this tomorrow or Friday with a look at the potential threat of a nuclear armed Iran and a few other tidbits. If nothing else, I hope some of this information will open your eyes to the fact that, in spite of what you may have been convinced to believe, the future is not very rosy.
Fare thee well, my friends.

wander with me...


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