don't worry folks...

the elections past are just a bump in the road. The Liberal ass-suckers and the Limousine Left have the next two years to show their true face. Menendez will be indicted, that will help NJ start the path to cleaning house; The Demopussies will start to dismantle our Armed Forces, leave Iraq in a lurch, which, I'm sure, Iran will take full advantage of and move right in; If you think the flood of illegals across our Southern borders is bad now, just wait... for English you'll have to push button fucking three; kiss the Social Security benefits you've work for all these years good-bye; don't go to New York, Chicago, LA or any other major city, the Islami-fascists are probably already planning something big and bad and the bottom feeding Dems will just look the other way, because, you know, if we play nice, they will too...
If the next two years don't convert those of you with leftist leanings to vote for a Republican President in 2008, then you all fucking well deserve what you fucking get. You're going to get a good taste of it real soon. Like the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for...". Remember, this is the party that brought you such bright stars as Jimmy "I never met a terrorist I didn't like..." Carter, Ted "I never met a bottle I didn't like..." Kennedy and Bill "bet you didn't think you could do that with a cigar, did you..?" Clinton. Traitors and ne'er do well's all... not to mention Al, Ramsey, Johnny the K, Hillary the Ubercunt and Bela Pelosi... I could go on and on, but you know, they're not worth any more of my time.
And so ends the current political part of our program.
As for me, I'm digging in and getting ready for a fight. If you look real hard you can find where I hang out on the web with those of my political ilk. We're gearing up to be the first line of offense, last line of defense. There is nothing that can't be undone.
Wander on, friends, just make sure you keep a sharp look-out ahead, and over your shoulder. Fare thee well.

wander with me...


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