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below is the text of a comment left by someone I admire, and know only as Colonel Jerry, USMC, Retired, on another blog, in response to a post about the recent vote in Congress against President Bush's plans to win and end the conflict in Iraq. he has granted me his permission to re-post it here. it speaks for itself...

Humans, including politicians, who have no experience in sustained combat can not, thru any fault of their own, grasp the chaos that is war. Nor can it be obtained by study or explanation via combatants who have. Combat is so complex I cannot fashion an analogy to help someone grasp even a hint of its total description, and I had 2 years experience in war w no interruption.

Therefore it can come as no surprise that politicians will take this or that position based upon a “blind” assumption they are either helping or hindering what they think they grasp. They would do as well if they simply rolled dice!

The American way of war is not easy. From our very beginning we inherited the distrust of a standing army from the British Empire. And for good reasons.

BUT, our historical experiences reveal that our nation does better when it reluctantly listens to the uniformed services and gives, for the time required, the benefit of doubt and trusts them with a greater bit of power that properly belongs in our elected representatives. A hard thing to do....

All Americans want a *comfortable* balance they can accept when it comes to the nation`s future. Waging war is the most difficult thing to balance because of my earlier precept regarding the way combat can be comprehended; by doing it.

Pee-losey doesn`t have a clue on many levels. Murtha should, but is a defective man! He has no excuse for the harm he is intentionally doing to the people he represents.

In Spades, the same applies to the MSM!

I have no time for nitpicking our armed forces about “armored vehicles” or claims that we are “breaking” the Army w short turnaround times, blah, blah, blah.....

Merely, 1/10,000th of the ever changing thing that is war! Because war is all about adapting to the enemy who is ever adapting to defeat us. Yesterday`s battle could very well be obsolete today!

So what can I recommend? Victory, that is what! Victory can stop war and must be our goal. Because there is only one other way to end war. DEFEAT.

Your choice. I know mine.

Semper Fi,
Colonel Jerry

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