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well, friends and fellow wanderers... it's been sixteen days since I started my torture regimen of diet and exercise, and I've reached the one-quarter mark of my goal, the first ten pounds has been shed.
I promised myself that, for every ten pounds I reached on the road to losing forty pounds, I'd treat myself to one of these...

a pint of Boddington's Creme Ale... but, not trusting myself, or my scale, since on a high protein diet your weight can fluctuate a bit without provocation, I'm going to wait until the weekend and see if it's a true loss. If so, that's going to be one enjoyable pint, I'll tell you.
There's just a little less than twelve weeks until Memorial Day, which is my target date for getting down to the weight I want to be. (No, I'm not going to tell you what it is... mind your own business!) To get there I'll have to average a loss of two and a half pounds a week. I don't think that's going to be too hard. I'm sticking to my low carb, low fat, high protein diet (for the most part, anyway, I sneak in the occasional piece of cheese now and then...); I'm riding my stationary bike five miles almost every morning, and working out with light weights almost every night. Weekends are the hard part, but, like last weekend when I went on a cleaning spree that lasted two days, if I keep busy, I don't want to pick. I think this upcoming weekend I will be building a new base for one of my kitchen cabinets and putting in the new island legs to hold up the free-standing end of that particular counter top. That should keep me occupied for two days with no problem.
Well, I'm going to go wander out side and look at the last of the snow flurries and sneak in a cigarette... shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!
Have a wonderful evening, fellow wanderers... fare thee well.

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