it never ends...

doing anything in the home renovation, remodeling or repair line around Stately Sad Old Goth Manor is much like doing that old Roman walk... one step forward, two steps back.
I've moved into prepping the room in the bath where the toilet is, starting with removing the circa 1969 recessed light fixture. In order to install a regular electric box, I had to add a stringer and some nailers for the sheetrock patch. I got that taped and spackled, primed the ceiling and hung the new light. Works great. Actually, it works too good; since the bulb now is a few inches lower than the ceiling, it casts a different light on the walls, and what did my wondering eyes behold? About two dozen popping nail heads causing little mounds in the wallboard. So, out comes the rocking hammer and I re-set the nails and cleaned out the fractured spackling. Then I figured that they would only start working themselves out again at some point, I ran a sheetrock screw under each one of them, which pulled the wallboard tight against the studs, causing even more nail head to show themselves. More hammering, more picking out old spackle, more screws. After I was satisfied the walls were securely anchored once and for all, I started filling the old nail depressions and the new screw sets. I also removed the toilet paper holder, filled the holes left by the molly bolts, and ran a screed coat over most of the wall surfaces to hide the lousy taping and spackling job of years ago. As long as I was at it, I re-did the corners, too, just for fun. Now all I have to do is sand, respackle at least one more time, then sand again and prime the walls. Then it's time to wallpaper, paint and get ready to tackle the various floor areas. I want to pull the old tub and put a full tiled floor in that room (the tub lives in it's own room with a linen closet) and put in a 52" slipper style claw foot tub that will sit on an angle in the room. I would really like a 60" model, but I'd have to shoe-horn it in there and it would look stupid. I'll just have to soak with my knees in my eyes, instead of stretched out. Oh, well. Then the hardwood flooring in the main part of the bathroom, which needs to be installed at the same time I rip out the old vanity and put in the new one. Nothings ever easy. I have to hold off putting the flooring in the toilet room until I get the composting toilet system, as I need to remove the old toilet and tank and cap off the drain in the floor. Of course, I can't install the composting tank in the utility room under the bathroom, until I pull out the old pantry and run new electric and run the vent pipe system. It's gonna be a fun summer. I think building the new wood working shop is going to be put on hold for one more year. When I'm not working on the inside of this grim old pile, I'll be working on the outside, including rebuilding the trough gutters on the front and back of the house, which involves recreating the original woodwork and the dozen or so giant corbels that hold everything up. I doubt I'll get anywhere near replacing all the exterior woodwork on the windows and putting new corner and skirting boards on the house; or repainting it. It's a good thing I like doing this stuff.
Well, I'm going to go rustle up something to eat and settle in to watch the Rutger's Lady Knights take on the Tennessee Lady Vols for the Women's NCAA hoops championship tonight. R-U !!!
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