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if you're a regular reader, I usually drop off the posting during the summer, as I have to spend most waking moments working on the grounds and doing all the outside repairs and maintenance on Stately Sad Old Goth Manor..., lest it fall down upon our very ears. That doesn't mean that I slack off on reading my favorite blogs and discovering new ones... one of note is the wonderful and wry UglyMailbox.com, hosted by the wonderful Linda. You see them every day and probably don't notice them, but she collects and posts that oft neglected and ignored, and sometimes most absurdly abused piece of every day life... please visit and see for your self. You'll never pass one again without thinking "ZOMGWTFBBQ!!1!!!". And, just because she has taken it upon herself to expose the world to that most unique aspect of Americana, plus the fact that she love cats, she has been awarded the very first and soon to be most coveted, "i hate your blog" award...

I shall be dispensing these most excellent awards to those very special blogs that I read every day and have become a part of my blog reading life, but this is the very first. I hope she will display it with pride. Or tell me to go take a leap, which is OK, too! Thanks, Linda!

In other news, I'm almost finished filling the fucking hole left over by the removal of our swimming pool... two days of hauling soil in hellish heat, still have to spread it out, till it, rake it and seed it... guess what I'll be doing Labor Day weekend..?
Well, I'm to go have another glass of wine, a very crisp and dry 2003 Martin Fierro Cabernet, and go look at the rising moon, so I bid thee all a wonderful evening, my fellow wanderers... fare thee well.

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