beer for dinner...

yep, no food for me tonight, except for
the piece of provolone cheese I snagged a while ago, just beer. Ale,
actually. Pumpkin ale. How appropriate for the season, eh? Sometimes
you just have to go for thecarbs and alcohol, nutrition be damned.
been spending the evening downloading music from various sources, all
out of print stuff, I assure you, and probably out of copyright as
well, so suck off,RIAA. I'm also watching a Christina Ricci move, The Curse, the movie sucks, she, as usual, rocks. I'm always hoping that, when she gets older, she'll play Morticia
in yet another remake of The Addams Family, although eternal thoughts
of her as Wednesday bear me up in the hardest of times... So, anyway,
the music thing, I'm downloading some Nordic Electronic Lounge music,
haven't heard it before, but the purveyor swears it rocks, so, what the
hell, my musical horizons expand, once again.
On that note, if you'll forgive the pun, I've been re-exploring my prog rock roots of late, enjoying some old recordings by The Strawbs (Hero and Heroine), Yes (Fragile), King Crimson (In The Court Of The Crimson King and In The Wake Of Poseidon), ELP (Trilogy and Tarkus), Asia (Asia), Gentle Giant (Freehand). The stuff gets better with age, by which, I mean, mine.
also been exploring some different things, like African psych rock from
the seventies, rediscovering some things like English and Celtic folk
and treading the boundaries of things like The Cowboy Junkies andHelio Delmiro and falling back on some comfy stuff like Renaissance and John Renbourn
, just to give my soul someplace soft to fall in the darkest of nights.
I oft ponder what I could suffer the most, being blind or being deaf...

So, anyway, I think that I'm going to go have another brew, a
smoke, a look at the autumn sky and listen to some more music. Thanks
for stopping by and wandering with me for a while, your company is most
appreciated. I hope you fare well and, remember, listen, don't just

wander with me...



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