day is done...

and a busy day it was. i did the grocery shopping today, since the weather wasn't favoring working in the yard, the remnants of hurricane noel was crawling past the coast and, although it didn't really rain, it threatened. after i put away the groceries, i pulled up the five pieces of the laminate floor in the kitchen that warped and replaced them with new pieces, which, due to them being new and the surrounding pieces being three years old, were not all the same size, so i had to pull off moldings around the sink base and doorway into the dining room and using a special flooring tool, force them into position, but there's still some ill fitting joints that need some attention. i'll probably just fill them with grey silicone caulking and leave it at the for now. i don't need a major project this close to thanksgiving. besides, my right arm is giving me a fit, the tendons in my elbow are starting to detach and i'm going to need surgery to rectify that, which i'm trying to put off until after the new year. i'm having some severe pain from the back of my right hand all the way to my elbow, as the tendons are also inflamed. i'm wearing a wrist and elbow brace, but it doesn't really do anything and level of pain, at times, is almost unbearable. my pain threshold is pretty high, but since i'm right handed, i end up using the arm more than i should and it's not fun. as a matter of fact, typing this is pretty painful. i have to keep stopping and forcing my arm into a straightened position to stretch the tendons out. ugh.
so, with that being said, i'm going to go ice my arm so it's in some sort of condition to rake leaves tomorrow. a few tylenol and a guinness or two or four will help, too.
don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight, friends. i have to say that, as i've gotten older, i'm less a fan of standard time than i used to be.
i bid thee fare eve, my friends. may you wander in peace.

wander with me...



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