i took a vacation day today...

in spite of my recent railing against being lonely, i needed a day to myself. no phone, no meetings, no computers; just me and Tiger The Cat. and the wind. lots and lots of wind. the power actually went out for about two hours, i don't know if it was because of the wind or if someone took out a pole, but it didn't take long for the house to cool off. i didn't have either of the coal stoves going, since we spent most of the weekend out, so it got a bit chilly in the manor before the power was restored. it's at times like that i wonder what it was like to live in the grim old pile when it was built in 1841, with only two fireplaces for heat. brrr...
anyway, i managed to get the inside of the house decorated for the winter holidays today, just have a few little things left to do and hang the outside lights around the front door and the icicle lights around the front porch and that's it. i would have done it today if i thought i wouldn't have gotten blown off the ladder. ten years ago, i would have looked at it as an adventure. these days, i actually worry about my safety. funny what getting older does to you, huh?
well, i'm going to go rustle up something to eat and relax for a while; tomorrow it's back to the grind, i'm sure i'll pay the big price for taking a day off.
hope your week started ok.

wander with me...



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