we do yet turn another page...

I have to say that I am not sad to see this year end. It has been one of confusion, sadness and fear. It was a year with no direction, fences that couldn't be mended, new starts that have yet to happen. Worst of all, it was a year I spent in a mindless fog, wandering on too many paths with too many forks and no signs to help guide the way. I hope the new year offers some light to wander by, some clarity, some real direction. I hope.
I guess hope is all that we have. Our great nation faces peril, both within and with out. Our very way of life is threatened by those who would dissect the American Dream in order to satisfy those who would have it without working for it. I'm reminded of a quote I read somewhere,
"If it's for free, take two. No one appreciates what is handed to them, especially by the Government".
There are those who seek high office in this country who would take from you what you have worked for and hand it, willingly, to those who have come from foreign places, uninvited, unwilling to take part in the American system, with no regard for your efforts. They are the same who seek to "make peace" with our enemies, to allow them a foothold on our sacred land, in the name of equality and "correctness". Trust them not, for they are the agents of that which is wholly evil, call it what you may. The cancer that is spreading throughout Europe in the guise of religion must be stopped at our shores and choices must be made; they will neither be quick nor easy, and will call upon all of us to put aside second thought, for it will be a dirty business and will chart the course of not only our great United States, but the world as we know it. You will be faced with making a choice this coming year, please look past the day to the years beyond, far beyond. Choose wisely.
I guess that's all I have to say about that right now.
On the personal side, it is my heartfelt wish that you all have peace and health and happiness in the year to come. I shall think of you as I again wander through the days, perhaps this year the path will come with more ease for us all.
Bless you all and fare thee well.

And so it begins...

wander with me...



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