Happy F***'n Earth Day...

I intend to drink coffee from styrofoam cups all day, let my big old 8 cylinder truck idle as much as possible, use paper plates and paper towels with gay abandon... hell, I might even cut down a few trees when I get home from work.
Actually, I am taking down some trees, some scraggly, ill-formed maples that have sprung up in the front yard right on the road. They are in the way of the thirty evergreens I'm putting in this week. By the time I get done with this project, I'll be certified as an illegal beaner dayworker a highly qualified immigrant landscaper. Maybe I can go hang out with the rest of them every Saturday and Sunday morning, blocking the roads into town and getting free coffee and doughnuts from the Birkenstock wearing, dirty looking old hippie woman that feeds them every day out of the back of her minivan. I guess they're more interesting and fun to feed than squirrels and pigeons... whatever.
gotta get to work.

wander with me...



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