Lionheart update...

some deeper and even more disturbing information regarding Paul's situation from Gates of Vienna...

That one should live in fear and be under the threat of law, daresay the sword, for speaking the truth is unfathomable in this day and age. I'm wont to say it's a sign of the times, but that is wrong. That would be giving in to the six-century scum that's invading our land and our lives. We're beginning to tread a path that is as thin and dangerous as the edge of a knife blade. Rhetoric and trying to make light of this threat is no longer acceptable. Loud and constant opinion and action is the course of the day. President Bush said it on 9/12 - "You're either with us or against us". Lines must be drawn, sides must be chosen, stands need to be taken now... I know where I stand and it is at the side of brave men like Paul. Will you stand with me?
(a gentlemanly bow to Erica for pointing me to this...)

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