an opportunity missed..?

I'm not Catholic. I'm not really a Christian, although I live my life like one, except for the Jesus thing. My interest in things relating the the Pope are based upon novelty and general curiosity, not faith. I sort of like the current Pope, Benedict XVI, seems a bit more down to earth than some of the previous Popes, whether or not that's a good thing, I don't know. I had on Fox News this morning while I was putting groceries away, watching Pope Ben arrive at Ground Zero in NYC. I stopped what I was doing and watched the entire ceremony from beginning to end, hoping, really, really hoping that he would take the chance to decry the maniacal terror that caused 9/11, to deride them, to rally all those of his faith to take a hard line against them, to start a new Crusade... but, alas, it was not to be. He arrived, did a silent prayer thing, lit a candle, said some things to some people who were there on that horrible day, had a chuckle with the Mayor of NYC (uncalled for, in my opinion. very much not in good taste...). Then he climbed into the Pope-mobile and drove away.
When the leader of such a large Christian family, in that place, on Passover, no less, won't even speak out against such evil, I fear that the six century scum win yet another one. Don't give me the "well, it wasn't really the time and place..." bullshit. There was no better time and absolutely no better place to call upon the angels of God to draw their swords and take up against the enemy. Like I said, I'm not a Christian... but I lost even more faith this morning.

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god dammit mate,im in scotland&i sooo agree with you on that!they are the evil!

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