here ya go... more "send us your money so you'll feel better about destroying the planet by your trite little existence..."
that these slime bags offer up what amounts to nothing more than a good, old INDULGENCE pales in the knowledge that the mindless greenies will be sending in their hard earned (right...) cash so they can feel good, while they rally for Eco-fuels that will eventually cause starvation in the Third World and flaunt their cute little spiral light bulbs that are filled with deadly mercury... gah. fucking hippie assholes make me sick. i'm keeping my cash, i need it to fill the gas tank on my giant pickup truck and my lawnmower and power edger and hedge trimmer, not to mention having to go to work occasionally so I can afford the gas i need to do so.
i love what one commenter said... "Green is another name for imperialism."

wander with me...



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