milk for the duck...

I'm taking a vacation. I'm not actually going anywhere, I'm going to immerse myself in remodeling my living room. And fucking around in my gardens. And drinking beer. And sitting up all night looking at the stars and feeding wood into my fire pit. And putting new gutters on the front of my house. And drinking beer. And Irish whiskey. And smoking my pipes. Might even play my bagpipes. I'm turning off my cell phone and shutting down my computer. Except for Saturdays, I'll still be posting the Saturday's Goth Girl pictures. (I'm running out of pictures, ladies. Send some...) I'll be back sometime the first week of June. Feel free to poke around the place, but don't touch my stuff.
I'll be better when I get back, I promise. Cross my black little heart and hope to die... uh, bad choice of words for my current mental state... sorry.

wander with me...



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