I am so f'n tired...

and sore, and stiff... I helped a friend's daughter move into her new apartment on Saturday. Well, actually, I helped by offering my truck to carry stuff and carried some stuff up into the place, it's a good thing there were three hearty young guys helping, one of whom is an Iraq vet, so they did the grunt work. Then on Sunday, starting at eight in the morning, I started framing out the walls for the vocal room of my daughter's future husband's new recording studio. I managed to get the wall up that separates the room from the bigger band room. It has a thirty six inch solid wood door and a thirty by thirty six inch window. I got it framed and sheet rocked yesterday, by the time I got done it was a twelve hour day. Plus an hour ride home. When I got up this morning, the only thing that didn't hurt was my dick, which has been numb for years... I spent the day hobbling around the office, slouching at my desk, counting the hours until I could get home and medicate myself with the all healing Samuel Adams Summer Ale. Also summoned up the strength to wolf down some teriyaki and pepper marinated steak with roasted squash. And, I'll have you know, it's killing me to type this. Hear me well - getting old sucks. Twenty years ago, I'd have had the whole studio done in one day. I still have two more walls to go. I'm on the cusp of fifty five, and, while that's really not old, all things are relative, the only reference point I have is myself and what I used to be ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years ago. I feel old. I can't work as fast as I used to, I can't think as fast as I used to. It's frustrating and sometimes makes me feel like I'm spinning my wheels. One of these days I'm going to have to succumb to it and slow it down a bit.
On the remodeling front, I'm starting to work on filling the spaces between the beams in the living room ceiling with sheet rock, I'll have some before and after pictures soon. Then it's one final sanding of the spackling and it's time to paint. Then trim. Then put the new flooring in. Then build the mantle and bookcase. I'm targeting having it all done and pretty before Thanksgiving. I hope I make it.
Well, I'm off to the Land of Nod. Have a wonderful evening, my fellow wanderers... and to my friends in Florida, I hope you are safe and sound. Fare thee well.

wander with me...



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