I saw the medicine man on Monday. He poked and probed and listened and said that my lungs are perfectly clear. He gave me a script for a chest x-ray, which I had today, as well as an antibiotic, some sort of cough medicine that is so highly narcotic that a half teaspoon had me looped all Monday night and all day Tuesday. I'll save that for the bitter end, I can't function on stuff like that. He also gave me a script to see a cardiologist and a script for nitroglycerin. If I have another episode where I can't breath, I'm supposed to take one and, if it goes away, consider heading directly to the hospital, don't pass go, don't collect $200.00, yadda, yadda, yadda. I had a full cardio workup a few years ago that lasted three days in the hospital. At that time, my heart was ten years younger than I am. The doctor asked me if I was an athlete in high school or college. Uh... nope. Must have been all the walking, hiking and motorcycle racing I did back in the day. I'm going to have a stress test and I'm sure the results will be the same. I have my cholesterol checked every year, it was perfect last fall. My blood pressure is a constant 120/82, same as it's been all my life. If I was a betting man, I'd say I have some sort of viral or bacterial infection in my system, which would explain a lot of the other symptoms I have on a constant basis. I guess I'll find out soon. So, I live on.
I'm not planning on any big 9/11 postings tomorrow. The more time that passes, the more it effects me. Time is not healing that wound. Please remember those who were taken that day, robbed of life and liberty and happiness by unfathomable evil. Remember their families and friends. Remember those who have given their lives in the war against terror and think about those who still serve. Have faith in our leaders. Have greater faith in yourself.
May the gods bless and watch over President Bush and may they bless our great United States of America. And, you too, my fellow wanderers. Fare thee well...

wander with me...



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