I watched the debate last night. As a matter of fact, while it was on, I was on-line in a discussion group hosted by a political blogger I much admire. We had a small crowd, we're all Obama haters, so it was lively and ripe with sarcasm. I was surprised by one of the attendees, though, who had a pretty good grasp in the political scene and was pointing out interesting and important things that the candidates were saying and called out Obama on some of his answers, catching flubs that went right past me. The interesting thing is that this young woman is fifteen years old. No one knew it until she commented that she was upset she couldn't vote in this election, she had to wait three years to be able to vote at all. Kind of floored me, I'll say. As long as there's some sharp kids like this around, there might be some slight glimmer of hope for the country yet.

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