gone a' wandering...

I'll not be blogging for a while, I think. I'm tired. Tired of politics, tired of the economy, tired of the news, the Obama-zombies, global warming, scum sucking muzzies, ignorant and self serving public officials, the MSM, the Weather Channel, tinpot dictators, cheap shit black nail polish that keeps flaking off into my food and all over my keyboard, and, well, everything... especially politics. Did I mention politics?
I need to spend some quality time with my wife, my daughters (even if only over the phone), my few good friends, my cat and, especially, myself. I need to finish my living room remodeling project and the thousand other little things that have been ignored around The Manor for too long. I need to go re-visit some places that I haven't been to for too many years and do some things that have been equally vacant in my life. In other words, I need to realign myself a bit. Or a lot, in some instances.
I may post here and there on my gardening blog, as the occasion warrants, but the "out to lunch" sign is up around this neck of the woods until further notice.
Play nicely amongst yourselves. Or with yourselves, as you see fit...

wander with me...



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