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Things are finally moving along again on the living room remodel... the first four pictures are the duct that was re-run to get some better heat into the back upstairs bedroom. I couldn't notch the beams, so I had to run it under them, then box it in. I actually got the first coat of spackle on it yesterday as well. Today I spent finishing installing the furring strips between the beams so I can start putting in the false ceiling between them. It worked out to almost forty, eight foot long two by two strips and about three pounds of decking screws. My freaking right wrist is killing me from fighting the drill while holding it over my head. The next few days should be fun.
Tomorrow I pick up the sheet rock and start fitting it. Once that's done, it's rock and roll on the walls and trim, then the radiant heating and the new oak flooring. I've been a bit worried about actually getting it done by Thanksgiving, but after today I'm feeling a bit better and will really feel good about it once the ceiling is done. I figure that's going to take all day tomorrow and Wednesday and probably into next weekend.
Well, I'm going to go grab a few slices of one of Mrs. SOG's fabulous home made pizzas and a few jars of Sam Adams Black Lager and kick it back for a while and watch some Sunday night football.
Pictures below.

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