gee, so soon..?

I haven't even started gathering information or posting anything about our new overlord, Obama, and already the hypocrites are on the warpath. I've been lambasted for my opinion by one Navelgazing Midwife who really is a midwife, someone that I would normally admire, helping bring new lives into the world in a natural and peaceful manner... but alas... so taken is she by the words that flow from the serpent's tongue, that the fact he advocates the murder of unborn innocents seems to have escaped her... I guess she's "mesmerized", as she said I will be once lord Obama spreads his wings above us all (see comments in the post below...), but, sorry, I will not be taken by his deceitful words. I have free will, unlike, apparently, so many others...
Isn't it odd that, for the last eight years, the liberals and the left have insulted President Bush, called him names, compared him to Hitler, accused him of being the root cause of every and any ill that this country has and yet, just one little post about how much I dislike Sir Smug and well, the sensitive crowd gets offended. TFB, friends. It's my turn, now.

wander with me...



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