I'm gonna be rich..!

I've been busting my ass working on my living room remodeling project all day, sanding the new spackling and vacuuming the walls so I can start painting tomorrow, and I was passing the time thinking how I could set up a thriving black market in the Obamafuhrer's concentrations camps, since I'm sure I'll be one of those whisked away in the middle of the night and it dawned on me, why wait? When I go grocery shopping tomorrow morning, I'm buying all the 3.oz travel size bottles of baby oil I can find and likewise, all the pocket size packets of tissues and I'm going to head to King Uppity's coronation in January and sell them to the members of the MSM, so when their Obama Circle Jerk starts, they won't chaff their little dicks or get any goo on their nice new suits! What do you think? I'm gonna make a million! Well, except, I suppose, I won't get any business from Chris Matthews... he liked that Obama tingle going up his leg so much, he'll probably love the trickle of his own spunk running down his leg... Maybe I could sell him an extra pair of socks...
Gotta run, going to see Yes in concert tonight with a friend.

wander with me...



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