progress was made...

on the living room project. I've christened the room "Albatross Hall", as I feel like that fellow with the bird around his neck. The Rime Of The Sad Old Remodeler... ugh.
Actually, it's coming along rather well. After a few false starts, the radiant heating system was installed and the flooring was down by 3:30 in the afternoon of Thanksgiving eve. I ripped and painted the shoe moldings yesterday and installed them today. I need to rip and paint the beading tomorrow night after work and install it Tuesday night, shouldn't take more than an hour or so to do, I've already made a jig to use when installing it so it will be a consistent 1" down from the top of the baseboards. I'm beginning to become a real fan on the Arts and Crafts style - all straight edges, no beading or coves or fluting. Nice and simple and clean.
I intend to start ripping the wood for the window trim on Wednesday and paint it on Thursday and Friday so I can do a two day marathon installing it next weekend. Somewhere in there I have to repaint the sash, I almost forgot about them. Then pick up the new door, finish it, install the antique lock set from the original door and hang it and trim it. Then it's the mantle and bookcase over the mantle and then, the cove moldings to finish off the edges between the ceiling beams and then sheet rock I installed. I hope to get all that done by Christmas. It's going to be an interesting three weeks ahead...
I'm saving the book shelves that will ring the top of the room at the height of the top of the windows for after the holidays. I have to make about twenty or so Arts and Crafts style brackets to hold them up. That's going to be a job. Time for some new band saw blades, me thinks.
Well, I'm beat and hungry and really, really need a beer or two. Back to racing the rats tomorrow. Hope you have a great week. Pictures soon, I promise.
Be well, my fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.

wander with me...



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