how does it feel to be party to the end of America as we know it? How does it feel to know you've helped a liar, a cheat, an avowed Marxist, racist, Islam loving, America hating churl steal the office of the President of the United States? How does it feel to have a hand in the murder of thousands, maybe millions of unborn children, even those only weeks away from natural birth? How does it feel to reach into the pockets of hard working men and women, and distribute their money to the lazy, the ignorant and the greedy? How did it feel when you pulled that lever and sealed the fate of Israel? Was it fun to decide to elect a leader who will stifle free speech, take away your right to own a firearm, make is a criminal offense to say anything unflattering about Islam or Democrats, or blacks? How much fun was that, really? Will it still be as much fun when your boss comes to you in two years and tells you you're fired because he has to make a choice between letting you go and paying his increased taxes? Will you be smiling and laughing when you're sitting in line to buy ten dollar a gallon gas, or making the choice between feeding your family or keeping them warm? All for what? Hope? Change? You will soon get to find out what real hope is and how much you really want change. Those of you who helped this happen are the scum of this earth. You do not deserve to call yourselves Americans. You will learn just what the old saying "be careful what you wish for, because you might get it" really means.
The arrogant, self-serving, racist, lying, cheating empty suit who is being called the 44th President of the United States, will not be my president. I do not wish him luck. I did not, nor will I support him, nor the traitorous scum who inhabit Congress. I do not accept the decision that was made for me, not by me. I will do everything in my power to expose him for what he really is, to pursue any legal means to have him removed from office, or, even better, prevent him from ever stepping foot in that hallowed office, and should that fail, I shall devote myself to making sure he and his ilk will be deposed in a new, truly democratic election in 2012.
I will not be silenced, nor shall I endure this coming oppression. I am an American. He is not. Nor are those of you responsible for this. I no longer recognize you as fellow countrymen. You've chosen your side, now I'm telling you mine. If you don't like it, then go cry to your messiah for a free handout to make you feel better and leave me alone, I have work to do.

wander with me...



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