ho, hum...

Another racist c**t heard from...

I particularly like this comment...
"You could practically hear white folks saying, "Aha!" "

I guess I shouldn't be surprised of anything from someone who contributes to the Colored Coon Commie News Network, should I?

And, no, I'm not a racist. But I guess that being one of those "white folk" automatically puts me in that category, you know. Like black/African American/People of Color are all of the welfare grubbing, gin drinking, crack smoking, car stealing, shiftless, lazy, chicken stealin', dice throwin', tap dancing, watermelon eatin' sort... or so they say.
So, Angela Burt-Murray, kiss my white, American ass. Just as an aside, besides raising out own two kids, we took in, over the years, three other kids who needed a real home, got them through high school, into college and they're all doing just great. And they're all black. Or at least mostly, I guess that maybe some whitey rubbed off on them from their exposure to us racist white folks... or maybe not.
Either way, you hyphenated last name racist witch, screw you.

wander with me...



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