I'm a glutton for punishment...

I just finished a two hour hand sanding job on the inside base of the five foot wide living room bay window. The finish was shot from constant sunlight hitting it, it's on the south wall of the room, and from keeping plants there all the time, the moisture build up from the planters is a killer, even when they're on blocks to keep them from direct contact with the wood. I guess I'll restain it tomorrow night when my right arm is functional again, then finish painting the edges of the trim and start putting it up on Saturday. I'm taking Friday night off to go to a Christmas party at a friend's house. They live in a sprawling mid century style rancher, all glass and brick and cedar, situated on a huge wooded piece of property on the Northern edge of the Jersey Pine Barrens. Quiet, dark and no neighbors to speak of. Really nice. And they're top-notch folks as well and have been our good friends for about twenty five years. He's also an amateur woodworker and she's one of those crafty folks, always making her own holiday and home decorations and when we get together, it's usually a crazy event. When we were all younger, we used to have huge parties in their back yard, with a bonfire fed by three foot long logs, music blasting and beer flowing, usually going all afternoon into the night and sometimes the next morning. We're a bit more reserved now, though, we've settled into the cocktail, wine and snack thing, but we cut loose once in a while, just to stay in practice. He and I get together once a year and do what we call the "Hobbit-thon", watching all three extended Lord Of The Rings movies back to back, with piles of movie themed food, like Mount Doom Chili, Inn Of The Prancing Pony Scotch Eggs, pub lunch and Ale, Shire Stew and spend the day, usually Good Friday, in his basement media room, with the eight foot wide hi def projection screen and killer, shake you out of your recliner sound system. We only come up for air, bathroom breaks and more food and a smoke.
Well, off to the land of Nod. I'm amazed at my stamina these days, I can't wait until it all catches up with me and I do the crash thing. Looking forward to it, actually. Have a wonderful evening, my fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.

wander with me...



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