I'm shocked...

shocked, I tell you..!
I just remembered this and wanted to pass it along. On Thursday, I had to call AT&T with a question about my cell phone service. After pushing the requisite buttons to get a human on the phone, I was connected to what sounded like a very young woman. I mean, it was a woman, but she sounded younger than the usual customer service type, you know what I mean. Anyway, after answering my questions, she told me a secret that would probably save me about twelve dollars a month (don't ask, I'm sworn to secrecy...) and, when our conversation was over, she said,
"Thanks for using AT&T, I hope you have a nice day and a Merry Christmas..."
I was actually speechless for a moment, I didn't know what to say. I'm so used to the ridiculous "Happy Holidays" crap that you usually get hit with, may the gods forbid you insult anyone by wishing them the wrong greeting for their specific celebrations, but I managed to say
"Thank you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas, too",
said goodbye and hung up. I don't know if it was AT&T's policy for her to do that, of she's just as sick as not being able to wish someone a Merry Christmas as a lot of people are, but either way, I really appreciated it and kudos to the company if they allowed her to do so, and doubly so to her if she did it on her own.
Astounding. Simply astounding.

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