Merry Christmas...

We got an unexpected early Christmas gift today - a new burner for our furnace. I awoke last night to this ominous rumbling sound and the house was filled with oily smoke... not a good sign. Had the repair guy come over this morning to tell us the burner was shot, so I had to shell out seven hundred bucks for a new burner assembly and labor. There goes the quarter sawn oak mantle and bookcase. Oh, well. The new burner is super quiet, though and the air coming out of the vents is twice a hot, so it doesn't cycle any where as near often as the old burner, which should save a lot of oil.
I started sanding and taping the window sash tonight so I can start painting them, but I've run out of steam after the marathon effort of this weekend, so it's an early night, I'll pick it up again tomorrow after work. It never ends.
Have a good one.

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