this is what come of working when I'm exhausted... I trimmed the bay window and the two front windows and when I was trimming the stool for the third window, which was the third to last piece to be put in, I fuxored the cut and that was that. I had to rip a new piece, trim it to fit and now I'm waiting for the first coat of primer to day so I can hit it again before I go to bed. I have to learn to stop when I start second guessing myself, it's a sure fire sign I'm past the limit. Other than that, the windows look great. Once I sand down the wood filler in the nail holes and do some touch up paint, I'll throw a picture up here. I still need to put the retainer strips in to hold the sash in place, but I want to put in some of that "V" channel brass weather stripping before I do. I did a great job sealing around the windows when the trim was down, no sense not finishing making them as air tight as possible. Even on a windy night like tonight, the room is unbelievably warm, there's no leaks except for what's getting past the edges of the sash. It's a constant battle to keep cold air out of this place, but next year I'm planning on making new storm windows, so that will help, the old ones are pretty much shot. They're almost eighty years old and have been reglazed and repaired one time too many, me thinks. I'm going to use the original glass, it's nice a wavy and full of bubbles and has changed color from exposure to the sun, some of it's still clear, some is light green and some is light violet and it looks pretty nice when the sun shines through it.
Thank the gods it's a short week coming up, I'm in the office Monday and Tuesday, then that's it until the 29th, then two more days, then off until the 5th. I'm looking forward to the down time, I'm not doing anything on the room until after the New Year.
Our Christmas tree is in our utility room thawing out. I picked it up yesterday at the tree farm and it was frozen solid and coated with ice. I've been going to the same place for almost thirty years and I always cut a fresh tree, but the guy offered me a Fraser fir that was brought up from North Carolina for thirty bucks, which is about half the going price around this neck of the woods, so I jumped on it. They're so much nicer to work with than the balsams, I always end up punctured and bloodied when I'm decorating when we have one of them, but the Fraser has nice, soft needles and they're pretty, too, with dark green on the tops of the needles and a lighter green underneath. And they're not as sappy as balsams and they have a nice odor, which reminds me of the pine incense my parents used to burn all the time - I still have the little wooden log cabin incense burner that I loved as a kid. You can stick a pine incense in it or one of those cone types of incense and the smoke curls out of the little chimney in the roof. The only reservation I have about a pre-cut tree is whether it will last through Twelfth Night or not, that's why I cut a fresh tree every year, we don't take it down until then and I'm not real big on having a tinder dry tree in the house. We shall see...
Well, I'm off to bed, Tiger The Cat is sitting on the upstairs landing yowling for me to come up and go to sleep.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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