hell of a way to have to start a Saturday, huh..?

First, Tiger The Cat wakes me up at 4:25, just like every morning.

"hey... you awake? i'm hungry... hey... i'm starvin' here..."

I stumble down stairs, make her some breakfast, make me some coffee, put the news on and find out our Glorious Leader, The One, King Uppity the First decides that slashing the military budget is one way to finance his Socialist plan. So, hence the rant below. He really is a c**k sucker, isn't he?

So, anyway, that got the day off to a real bad start. I have much to do today, like taking the glass, plastic, cardboard and newspaper to the local county recycling center, so the grouchy old bastard who watches the place on the weekend can bitch at me for some imaginary offense to the recycling gods. We don't have to separate plastic from glass, so that just gets dumped into a big bin, but newspaper, office paper (including magazines and such) and cardboard need to be disposed of separately. The paper must be tied, using string, not wire, or in a recyclable bag. I tie mine with twine that I get from the local feed store. It's pure sisal twine. It's used to tie plants to stakes and such things like that and it's 100% biodegradable. The old fart yelled at me for using it because he said it's not strong enough to hold the bundles of papers securely and it might break and they could blow all over the place. I asked him if he had some special degree in tensile strength testing of natural fibers and he mumbled something surely obscene under his breath and stormed back to his little shack. One other time he accosted me for intermingling corrugated board with regular paperboard, saying that it made for extra work sorting it out at the recycling plant. I asked him why there weren't two separate bins, one for each style of board so the prisoners who are on work release programs at the recycling centers didn't have to strain themselves sorting brown corrugated board from printed paperboard, and, again, he mumbled some oath under his breath and stormed back to his little shack. I've been there when people have heaved old plastic garbage cans, plastic sheeting, vinyl siding and myriad other things into the plastic/glass bin, none of which are recyclable, and the little old fucker just sits there and watches them through his dirty window. He sees me pull up, who does everything by the book and he has to trot his ugly little troll ass out and harass me. I'm always pleasant, never raise my voice, justify my tasks by explaining what I'm doing or making him look like the ass he is and I go away. I'm beginning to get a complex over this. Perhaps he doesn't like the pony tail that hangs down to my ass, some sort of hippie-phobia. Can't blame him for that, he looks like he might have spent some time in the military in the sixties, maybe it's a Nam hangover thing. Or not... I can only assume he's one of the long time county employees who is friends with someone way up there who has hidden him away until he's too old to totter around any more, then let him retire with the bonus he's accumulated by never taking a vacation or sick day for forty five years. Probably some County Freeholder's father. One of these days I'm going to preempt him and as soon as I pull into the place, I'm going to run up to his little hovel and bang on the door and ask him to come out and look at what I'm intending on throwing into the bins to make sure it meets with his stringent regulations, although, on second thought, I'm not sure I want to see the inside of his "office", Bast knows what goes on in there during those long, lonely lulls between launching attacks on the recycling public...
That's just one of the merry tasks I have before me today. After the recycling center, it's off the my little post office to get the week's mail, then off to the lumber yard to get some stock to finish the window trim pieces that hold the sash in place so Mrs. SOG can hang her new shades and curtains in the living room before she beats me to death with them. Then I'm going to spend a pleasant evening, sitting in my new recliner, reading a book and looking up occasionally at a basketball game on the idiot box. I'm not going to watch the news...
See you later.

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