the last day of America...

as I've known it. Obama must do the right things. He must quickly learn that he can't start screwing around with, or allow screwing around with the basic rights that made this country strong. He keeps hearkening back to "the founding fathers", which sounds all nice and warm and fuzzy like, but his path strays so far from theirs that I wonder if he knows how and why this free nation was devised, planned and fought for at all. He is compared to Lincoln. The car, perhaps, but never the President. He is called "the black JFK"... may the gods help us, we barely the lived through the original model, now we have the Ronco knock-off. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once the novelty of what he's accomplished (or, more realistically, his handlers and backers), the gravity of the world we live in snaps him out of his cloud and he lands with both feet running on our great American soil. I'm sure the Obama cultists will be running for the Kool-Aid when all the hopey-changey stuff starts falling apart. My two biggest fears are these; what will he do at 3 AM when that red phone rings, and will he keep his hands off the Constitution? My next biggest fear is that some idiot will try to do him or his family harm, not for his politics, but because of the color of his skin. Wrong, wrong, wrong. In my book, it's about time. That weight alone is enough to cripple him if he's not careful. President first, African-American second, Barry, with emphasis on the American part, OK? You're in charge of the country that made you possible. Do it right.

On the local front, I spent the day replacing the weather stripping on the living room windows, installing new sash locks and doing touch-up painting on the trim here and there, a relaxing day after a wonderful dinner last night with Mr. Bingley and his enchanting family, and the always fun Suzette. A good time, indeed. Great food and drink made all the better by their company. Thanks.
Well, back to the paint brush, I need to put a new coat of finish color on the trim around the picture window, I think the primer is probably dry by now.

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