It's Emeril LaGothy..!

Not to be undone by Mr. Bingley, who, I should tell you, is the most gracious host and griller par excellance, I offer up this Sunday's repast; Sausage, Peppers and Onions a la Goth...

1 large yellow onion, thinly sliced.
2 Cubanelle peppers, seeded and thinly sliced.
1 Red Bell Pepper, seeded and thinly sliced.
3 Cloves of garlic, chopped.
3 Hot Cherry Peppers, chopped.
3 tbs. of the juice from the hot peppers.
1 1/2 pounds of sweet and hot Italian sausage
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (don't you love the term "Extra Virgin"? reminds me of an old girlfriend... Ahem...)
Salt and pepper to taste.
Fresh Basil and Oregano.

Put the sausage in a deep saute pan, pierce the casings and add about an inch of water and red wine. Bring to a boil and simmer for about ten minutes.
In the mean time, seed and thinly slice the peppers, peel and thinly slice the onions and chop the garlic cloves.
Drain the sausage and add a bit of olive oil to the pan and brown over a medium heat until the casings are browned on all sides.

Heat another sauce pan over medium heat, add about 4 tablespoons of olive oil and toss in the onions, garlic and peppers. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until soft.

When the sausages are well browned, remove from the pan and cut into 1 inch thick slices, at an angle. Return to the pan and sear both sides.
When the veggies are thoroughly cooked, add to the pan with the sausage, add the spices and mix well. Add the chopped hot peppers and about three tablespoons of the juice from the jar.

Serve on toasted Italian bread, with melted butter, garlic, salt and pepper.
We enjoyed ours with a 2004 Ruffino Classico, just chilled.

In other news, I got the final trim on the living room windows today, I'll sand the filler and put a finish coat of paint on them tomorrow, then Mrs. SOG can hang her shades and I can move on to the built in bookcase and the mantle piece. I can see the end in sight, thank Bast.

Hope you had a wonderful evening, my fellow wanderers...
Fare thee well.

wander with me...



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