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I'm spending another Saturday woodworking. Ripping, planing and cutting to fit the stops to hold the living room window sash in place. I managed to find some white adhesive backed felt, with which I will line the back of the stops, both for some additional insulation and for a smooth raising and lowering of the bottom sash. I'm all about easy these days...
Just taking a coffee break, want to get all saw and planer work completed so I can trim and paint tonight and install tomorrow, I'd like to spend some time outside tomorrow, it's supposed to be in the high fifties around these parts, perfect for tromping through the wet woods. I counted the tracks of several deer, a raccoon, at least two cats, a mouse and lots of birds in the snow covering the back yard this morning. Pretty busy place at night. I guess our trash doesn't seem too interesting to Mr. Raccoon, his tracks went up to the cans, around them, then back out into the woods. The last time it snowed, there were small deer tracks up our back sidewalk, right up to the back door, then back out to the woods. I guess the deer were wondering what goes on in this dark, spooky old place at night. I have news for that deer... nothing. Same as any other time.
Well, back to work.

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