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help keep my mind off the bullshit of the past few days. I spent the morning running errands, then cleaned out the little barn for the thirty-fifth time in the past two years... the back of the pickup is full of all the debris from the living room remodel, some other crap lumber that I've been saving for twenty years and some other junk that's been in the way for as long. I probably have another half load to get rid of in the dumpster outside our office building before it's shut down next month. Might as well get something out of this deal.
I think tomorrow I'm going to dig out a flower and shrub bed across the back side of the old foundation that used to hold up the big barn and transplant my horribly overgrown day lilies there and maybe throw in some Rudbeckia, probably Goldstrum, and some Purple Cone Flowers so I have some color all year and it will help break up the view from the front of the property into the woods in the back. I've also been thinking of putting a split rail fence along the front side of the brook that cuts across the property and adding some more perennials in front of it and maybe some zebra grass or something like that for interest. I guess I'll put a little gate where the bridge is and a few solar lantern hanging on the posts, just for looks.
My property is a wreck. For such a mild winter, it sure took a hit from all the wind. I have deadfall all over the place in the woods, including an old, spindly maple that came down and enough branches and limbs to feed the fire pit all summer.
I've also been thinking where to put the new raised vegetable beds to grow crops for canning. The best place is right outside the kitchen door, but that's where we usually hang out and grill and drink, so I might have to reconsider that or incorporate the beds into the landscaping somehow. Or not. Substance before sauce, in my opinion...
I still have four trees to take down and two that will need the services of a professional, they're too close to the house and too tall for me to screw around with, I don't think my homeowner's insurance covers gross stupidity.
Well, I think I'm going to go back outside and putter around some more, it's a beautiful day here in Jersey, high fifties, clear and a little breezy. It's starting to feel like Spring, finally.
I'll probably be back later, it's Saturday and I'll probably end up getting ossified as I run out of things to do and recent events start to overtake me again. I always blog better when I'm in my cups, anyway.

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