I'm going to do some serious reconsideration as to what fonts I'm using here. It seems that some of them are hard to read, which I can agree with considering I'm using a huge LCD monitor, super accelerated graphic board and such and, while they look ok to me at home, I've been looking at them on various other systems and depending on monitor size and resolution, they are a bit of a strain on the eyes. I'll be testing some new fonts over the weekend after I pour through my collection and will ask you to download some to try out and give me some feedback. I think I'm trying to overcompensate for lack of interesting posts by making things fancy. I do so hate the usual serif and sans serif fonts that are easier to read, though. I have a thing for fancy type faces, probably goes back to my love for letterpress printing. I think I'm going to change the body font to Courier for a while, every has that as a standard font and it's the universal typewriter font, which I dearly love, maybe that will help. The headline font is another matter. I like what I have now, but it looks a little too much like something you'd see in the title of an old MGM pirate movie. Maybe just a change of color for that will help. I'm going to futz with the minor stuff in the sidebar, too, I'll have to look for something dreary, yet legible. Stand by.
Thanks to all for the feedback.

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