The Nazis are coming...

The Kenyan wetback c**ksucker in the White House will soon have is "Obama Youth Corps", which is another name for his private army. The GIVE act is on the verge of being signed into law...
Not only will this arm ACORN with 5.7 billion of your dollars to create an army of Obamorons, uniforms and all, there is also a provision in the bill that will make it illegal to PUBLICLY PROTEST LEGISLATION. This means that if you assemble on the steps of your local government's building to protest a law that they are trying to enact or pass legislation that is not in the best interest of the people at large, you can be arrested and prosecuted.
If you do not now have any weapons to defend yourself and your property, I suggest you get off your ass and arm yourself and make the decision to defend your home and family, before some uniformed apes come and try to take your home from you and give it to some welfare sucking, drug addled brother or sister. Don't think it will happen? Then too bad for you when it does.
Wake up, America. You think the Civil War was a bloody mess? We haven't seen anything yet, I'm sure. If this law passes, it means the end of freedom in this country, the end of the right to peacefully assemble, the end to being able to claim that what you have worked your life for belongs to you, the end of America. I suggest you get on the blower to your so-called Representative and let them know what you think of this step toward pure Totalitarianism.

Touch me...



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