Secretary of State, huh..?

brings ugly American to a whole new level...
If this the best we have to go forth and represent us in the world, I'd say it's pretty sad.
You know, is spite of what the left and their puppet media says, the United States of America is a nation that is still looked up to and still looked to by other nations of the world, especially in time of distress or need. King Uppity, Thunder Thighs Clinton and the rest of the commies squatting in DC these days are doing their very best to destroy this reputation. They don't want the United States to be the world leader in peace or commerce or anything else. They want the United States to follow the failed plan of Europe. They want to punish the United States for succeeding and to mortgage it away to other countries to pay for their social programs and pork belly handouts. They want to see America dominated. Why?
They've gained by what American is and now that they are in power, they seek to destroy the very country that gave them what they have. They are a rot from within and need to be excised by every legal method that can be brought to bear.
Revolution 2.0 might not be as noisy as version 1.0, but you can bet your ass it will be twice as nasty, and when it's over no one, no one will ever fuck with America again...

Touch me...



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