have decided to temper my blogging a bit (and stop blogging with my temper...) and have gone into reading mode. Nothing settles the soul like a good book, a cup of herbal tea and a cat curled up in your lap while you read... Currently it is "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, which is a bit of a break from the usual gardening, woodworking and non-fiction stuff I usually read. It's helping, believe me. I've been spinning out of control with angst and worry and woe and all that supposedly good gothy stuff, but it's making me a wreck. Some solid outside working on the grounds, digging in the dirt and enjoying the spring weather is going a long way to evening me out, too. I need to do some serious karmic repair and put the blinders on for a while. So, until I finish this particular book, which should be by this weekend, I'll just be popping in and out if I have something really worth saying, otherwise, well, we'll see. Be well.

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