man, I'm beat...

I got up early and sharpened the lawn mower blade and re-gapped the spark plug, then dug out the last of the day lilies and threw them and the recycling stuff in the back of the truck and hit the road, stopping to drop off the recycling, get the mail and drop the day lilies off at Schloss Bingley..., then headed home with intentions of getting the grounds mowed, then tackling the maple tree that split in half during the last wind storm, but once I got into chasing the lawn mower around, I ended up not only giving the grounds proper a good haircut, but ventured out into the back forty and mowed all that as well. I think except for the cultivated areas and the bog garden, I'm going to keep it well manicured this season, since you can see straight through the property into the woods since the old honeysuckle hedges came down. It will be another few years before the Thuja are big enough to afford any real privacy, so I think I'll have to keep it from looking so wild out back. I never got anywhere near the maple tree, though. In the midst of mowing, I went into the shed to get my wheelbarrow out of winter storage and both tires were flat, so that prompted a trip to the local gas station with the wheels to refill them and I got into a conversation with the fellow who owns the place for a while, so that by the time I got back to mowing and finished up, it was well into the late afternoon and I was dragging. One thing about mowing lawns, though, is that it gives me time to think and more than likely, hold full-fledged conversations with myself about any and everything. Plus, the exercise stimulates my creativity... I came up with a sure fire way to finally shut up that babbling, insipid left-wing mutt, Janeane Garofalo...

Should work, you think?

You know, sitting here I'm realizing that I got sunburned today, my face is really, really hot and my skin feels really, really tight and my arms are starting to turn a light red... it was in the mid-eighties here in the glorious Garden State today, and tomorrow promises to be even warmer... just perfect weather to re-roof my front porch... ugh.
Well, I'm going to kick back, have one of Mrs. SOG's wonderful grilled cheeseburgers and enjoy a new wine I was presented with today by The Bingley's and watch some basketball. Maybe be back later, maybe not. It's going to be a nice warm night, perfect for a long walk in the woods with lantern and pipe.

Touch me...



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