what. the. fuck...

The Half-breed Kenyan Wetback Squatter C**k Sucker who lives at #1600 is building his "Civilian National Security Force" by recruiting Explorer Scouts to train for domestic law enforcement, 'border control' and paramilitary scenarios, including home invasions. The last thing we need is raging hormone fueled teenage boys and girls running free in the streets with firearms, guided by the blinding light of Messiah Obama.

"I like shooting them," Cathy said. "I like the sound they make. It gets me excited."

It's 1939 again, friends. I wonder when the mass rallies and book burnings are going to start? I suggest you take whatever measures you see fit to protect your family and homes, friends. You could be considered a domestic terrorist and threat to the reign of King Uppity for merely flying an American flag from your front porch or being a member of the NRA or being a registered Republican or Independent, and the Obama Youth might just come crashing through your front door one of these days... I really don't care what the premise for this training is, this is the start of a threat to personal security on the highest level. WAKE THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLES !!! Get on the phone, get on-line and let the Boy Scouts of America and your so called representatives in DC know what you think about this. What next, a Merit Badge for turning in your parents for discussing Ron Paul at the dinner table or keeping a Bible in the living room?

Touch me...



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