what would a real President do..?

So, Ahmmadinnerjacket is supposedly re-elected in Iran... and we do nothing. If we had a real President, a real friend of Israel and a true supporter of freedom in Iran, he might take advantage of the situation and have our CIA and black force OPS in Iran in the thick of things, stirring up as much trouble as possible. Not only just for the fun, but to keep the Ahmmadinnerjacket regime off balance for a little while, just long enough for, say, Mossad to slip in and get off a few quick head shots, or perhaps open a window of opportunity for the Israeli Air Force to lob a few 20K bunker busters down the pipes of the nuke plants, with some air support from out own Air Force... Ah, remember the good old days when we had Presidents who put the safety of our own country and our allies countries first? I guess those days are over, at least for now. You know the Kenyan Wetback Squatter in the White House wouldn't dream of doing anything like that, I mean, the United States of Apologies doesn't interfere in the workings of other countries governments, not even those who spew overt threats against us and our supposed allies... I guess he doesn't want to offend our future Muslim overlords. Maybe they'll behead him last...

go ahead, make your day...



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