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I think I've finally discovered what's really wrong with me... remodeling addiction. I've yet to finish the living room project (the built in bookcase and mantle still loom over me like one of those "running but getting nowhere" nightmares...) but last night I started the remodel on one of the upstairs spare bedrooms. I chiseled out areas of old plaster wall that were beyond repair so I can put in sections of sheet rock, which I will start on this weekend. In the mean time, I'll be sanding down the rest of the plaster, then patch and even out imperfections in the walls and ceiling, I'll probably clean out, tape and spackle all the wall and ceiling joints as well, just to clean them up a bit. Then sand and repaint all the trim, window sash and door. Then weather strip the windows, pull up the old carpeting, paint and paper, then put in new carpeting. I'm actually going to try to knock this off in two weeks. Considering I gutted the bathroom and rebuilt it in one week, I think I can pull this off, at least I'm not worrying about plumbing or electric work, and most of the woodwork is in remarkably good condition, so that will be a minimal task. One thing I am thinking of doing is, since this particular room has no closet space, is dividing the master bedroom walk in closet in half, since it shares the same inside wall as this room, and putting in a door. The spare room is long and narrow and an armoire just takes up too much space. Or not. So, if I'm not around for the next week or so, you'll know what I'm up to. I swear, by Bast, that if we ever decide to sell this grim old pile, I'm buying a brand new ranch house, made of plastic, inside and out, so all I need to do is hose it out once in a while.

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