has been the order of the past few weeks. this cyst or tumor or what ever it is that has taken up residence in one of my kidneys is making it's presence know in a most aggravating way, making it uncomfortable to sit, stand or assume any other position. the pink pills and vodka routine isn't helping any more. i'm going to make an appointment with the saw bones next week when he's back from vacation and tell him to either fix this or remove the kidney or do something, i'm not handling this very well. i have a ridiculously high pain tolerance level and this has exceeded it by far. my usually sunny demeanor has been eclipsed by this and i'm not digging it, not by a long shot. i'm sure all the work i just completed on the living room did wonders to aggravate the condition, but i'm not into sitting around and playing the patient.
i don't mean to unload this on you all, but it's why i haven't felt like posting or doing much of anything else lately. i'll keep you posted.

go ahead, make your day...



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