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I just learned of the passing of the great avant-garde jazz drummer, Rashied Ali, who backed the great Coltrane for years, coming right on the heels of the passing of Les Paul yesterday. We've lost so many great and talented musicians in the past few years, people who influenced my musical tastes, people who I've listened to all my life, thanks to my parents, who were the ultimate music and, especially, jazz freaks. And while each passing not only leaves a bit of a hole in my life, and pokes me about the ribs about my own mortality, the most depressing thing about all these souls who have traveled on, is that no one seems to be coming forth to replace them. I'm not saying that there are no true, great talents out there, but the age of musical exploration seems to be over and the age of exploitation has taken it's place. Once jazz became mainstream and it's influence was spread into all forms of music, the age of innovation died and the innovators are passing on and, while being able to leave a legacy through the wonders of recordings, it's like the unmarried only son thing, the family name dies off, the blood line dissolves and that's that. There is no more. It's a sad commentary on the world of music and an especially sad commentary on modern life.

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