my weekend, so far...

I chased the lawn mower around for a few hours last night when I got home from work. (I'm beginning to get good at the mowing by moonlight thing). Got up at the crack of dawn today, drove over to a friend's house to borrow my cement mixer back, then went and picked up some pallets from another fellow I know, to expand my composting system. Came home, changed, went to the Post Office, the recycling place, did the grocery shopping, hit the local farm market for some sweet corn, came home and put the food away, changed back into my play clothes and spent the last few hours doing more spackle work in the spare bedroom upstairs. After I get done boring you to tears here, I'm going to go tidy up the perennial beds and do some weeding and start making room in the little barn for the mixer and the pallets. Mrs. SOG is on the way home from her vacation, I'm planning on throwing some cheeseburgers together, with some grilled corn and a green salad, then kicking back with her for the rest of the night. It's going to be a beautiful one, maybe I'll start up a little fire in the pit and we can wile away a few hours staring at the flames, I find that to be very soothing.
Later, gators.

go ahead, make your day...



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