I actually received an interesting response from Cafe Press about my Helter Skelter shirt image. They have no issue with the content, and even directed me to so pretty interesting anti-Obama wear that is openly for sale in some of the shops they host, the reason they asked (and they did, indeed, ask, I reread their original email, they asked me to revisit my using the base poster design, they did not actually remove it, but just put it in a holding pattern, awaiting my response), because the guy who did the original artwork, some fellow by the name of Shepard Fairey (no comment...), who picks and chooses who to play the copyright trump card with when it comes to using his design and, understandably, Cafe Press does not want the confrontation and, frankly, neither do I. Perhaps I made a bold assumption in that, if Mr. Fairey is hanging his artwork out there, inviting you to modify it, that you can also use it for your purposes. There is no copyright warning or usage limitations statement on the web page what so ever. And, like I've stated previously, it's his work to profit by, not mine and if he doesn't want me using it, that's his right. I do find it interesting, though, that the very design is used on some pro-Obama merch, not only on Cafe Press, but Zazzle as well. Again, it's his image, so he can do or not do what he wants with it.
So, anyway, I pulled the shirt. I don't need the hassle and neither does Cafe Press.

In other news, it's been too freakin' hot to be doing much in the way of remodeling work the past few days, so I've just been kicking back after work and relaxing. Not used to that, it's starting to bug me already. I'll be back at the job tonight, I need to get this room in shape and finish the bookcase/mantle thing in the living room and then concentrate on some outside things that need to be done before the cold weather gets here, which will be sooner than you think.


go ahead, make your day...



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